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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

65% of Respondents Think NS is to Help Cronies

MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 22 asked the question
"What Do You Think About National Service After the Latest Death?"

It was ironic as during the period of the poll, another youngster had died after leaving the camp as she was unwell.

A total of 40 votes were received with the following selections:

26 readers or 65% chose "NS is another means for some contractors to make easy money"

8 or 20% chose "It has been a disaster from the first day with a lot of negligence and even crimes committed"

6 or 15% chose "Getting youths together at 18 years after many years of separate development is too late to address the race problems."

No one chose the following choices:

"It should carry on as usual"

"Those camps near the flood disasters should have sent their trainees home after a week’s clean-up and the camps used as relief centres so that schools would not be interrupted."

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