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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Malaysian Comedy or Farce?

This may brighten up your day if you appreciate dark humour.

Two ministers not being able to understand when the system to collect RM20 toll from Singapore registered cars is going to be implemented.

I guess the person who purchased all the equipment post haste may be feeling a little uneasy now as the Cabinet may have second thoughts on this questionable toll as it may cause the end of the frequent Singapore visitor to JB and cause the collapse of many companies.

That will be a bad start to Visit Malaysia 2007.

1 comment:

yellowkingdom said...

Typical Malaysian bloated cabinet with self-serving ministers. With such closet-minded ministers, what can the nation expect? I thought the cabinet ministers have weekly meetings at Putrajaya to update on developments in the country. "Passing the buck" is the gameplan. Good example of poor implementation due to no clear policy. I wonder who is in control now?