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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Creative Juices Needed

This story makes one wonder if our justice system and laws need more creative inputs.

The guy stole some eggs worth less than RM10 and now has to serve 3 months in jail. This looks rather harsh compared to the stay of execution on the jail terms imposed on senior managers convicted of CBT involving tens of millions of ringgit.

The reasons given for the stay was "to take care of family" and "undue stress" etc. I wonder if that labourer stole the eggs to feed his starving children?

Ten months jail would cost the government at least RM900 based on a daily cost of RM10 per day and make overcrowded jails even more unhealthy.
As the worker would probably be deported after sentence, a more reasonable sentence would have been a jail sentence equal to the remand period and an order for immediate deportation.

A dispute appears to be brewing over the cancellation of the MyKad lucky draws with the previous minister being upset over the remarks of "silly and rubbish" by the present Home Minister. I agree with the minister's sentiments that the lucky draws were totally unnecessary and even trivialised the need to apply for the MyKad.

As another Ops Sikap is launched with fairly predictable results of being totally ineffective to reduce road accidents, there is now a commercial produced by the government that condones corruption.

Have you seen this advert on TV? It is in Chinese with BM subtitles.

Two small boys capture on their mobile phone an older brother riding a motor-bike without a crash helmet.

They threaten to show the photo to their parent and the older boy bribes them by buying them ice-cream.

Don't you think the advert condones bribery and corruption?
Guess the Information Minister is too busy tracking down the genes of those Pan-Asian to worry about such trivial ads that no doubt will entertain some youths.

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