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Thursday, February 15, 2007

“Take Me to Your Leader!”

Do you remember the old comics strip where the Martians landed and pointed their space guns at earthlings and demanded the above?

If we read the newspapers recently it seems that our over-bloated Cabinet of 30 plus ministers appear to be drifting aimlesslyas our Prime Minister travels to so many countries he may be suffering from permanent jet-lag.

If those Martians had read our newspapers online before landing they probably would be thinking, “Mars, we have a problem. Not sure who is in charge here.”

Perhaps that may be good for us as they would probably not destroy Malaysia with their laser weapons immediately and may take some time to explore the country. After all those Visit Malaysia 2007 banners are all over even inside the McDonalds in some shopping malls.

After they have become used to the weather here they may get to Putrajaya and want to negotiate the surrender of the Malaysian capital.

This is where we get to play our strategic weapons. We will invite them to discuss such national interests with the whole array of delaying mechanisms such as the following:

• UMNO – a dozen keris with crooked blades will surely puzzle them
• MIC or just Samy Vellu may convince them that Malaysia is a high risk construction area.

If all this is not enough we will then ask the PM to confront them. I have a feeling after they meet for a few hours those Martians will quietly pack up their space ships and leave without a ransom.

Graphics: Thanks to http://hoopermuseum.earthsci.carleton.ca/mars/MARTIANS.GIF

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