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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

71% Think Our Leaders are Hypocrites!

That was the main result from MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 23 which asked the question:

"Come Fly with Me! What do You Think of the Government’s Purchase or Lease of a US$50M Airbus?"

The total response of 28 votes gave the following:

20 votes or 71% chose "Pure Hypocrisy from our Leaders – Spending Lavishly While the Rakyat Suffer from Higher Costs"

6 votes or 21% chose "I Hope He Enjoys the Plane. His Time to Lead Must End Soon"

1 vote or 4% chose "Our Leaders Deserve Such Perks to Perform Well"

1 vote or 4% chose "Such a Purchase Should Have Been Approved by Parliament"

No one picked "The PM is Practising What He Preaches. He Loves Himself"

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