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Friday, February 02, 2007

Why Not Reform School for Recalcitrant Teachers Instead?

It is interesting to read that pupils “will be required” to go for camping trips in efforts to improve national unity and this program will be for both primary and secondary year pupils.

The program is being touted as a fun learning activity but recent incidents with the NS program shows it can become a nightmare for both parents and the organisers.

Such “out of the blue” plans should be examined more thoroughly and subject to close scrutiny.
For a start, were any parent-teachers association consulted over such a program?

The proposed program seems to be treating the race problems at the wrong end of the solution. If we have problem teachers they should be selected for remedial programs by the respective headmasters and if they still cannot change their habits, they should be placed elsewhere in the ministry and not allowed to teach.

I submit that would be a much cheaper option. Retraining a few hundred recalcitrant teachers will be much cheaper than running camps for tens of thousands of school children and having a few more unnecessary deaths.

I do not have any more school-going children or I will definitely not allow my child to attend such a program if it involves overnight camping. I suggest the budget provided should be used to organise fun activities at the school such as inter-school games and outdoor activities like hikes to picnic spots.

So if you have children and worry about such activities you need to play a more active role in your PTA to oppose this proposal.

photo: thanks to http://www.awwa.org.sg/fsc/children1.jpg

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