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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Johor Floods - the Aftermath

Yesterday's post on possible flooding in KT was not complete as it was based solely on what was reported in the NST.

You can get a more balanced view from this source.

It would be interesting though to find out how much land has been cleared for development in the affected areas and the upstream areas in the past 20 odd years and what steps were taken to compensate the increased run-off directly into rivers.

There will be a drastic change in discharge into rivers between an area that is undeveloped and one that is built-up with the accelerated collection from concrete standing, roads and storm drains directly into rivers.

Just drive into the housing estates near Taman Daya, along Jalan Tampoi and you will see drastic changes in the landscape.

Blaming the heavy rain is one solution but I venture that most drainage problems are man-made. BTW Jalan Tampoi should have an alternative name below the road sign. It should be Sungei Tampoi.

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