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Thursday, January 04, 2007

EPF for Easy Payments Front

If you have an account with the EPF this story
should make you worry about the future.

How could the EPF part with any monies, refundable or otherwise when all the important checks were not completed?

This important story is not complete as the following elements are missing:

• What action has been taken against the manager who approved payment for such a dubious company?

• Who is the MD who offered to sell the EPF a lemon?

• What action is being taken against the MD who should be sued for intent to cheat?

• How is the EPF organised such that this type of deals are encouraged?

The EPF does not hold any money of mine anymore so I leave it to account members to demand a proper accounting of their funds.

Graphics: thanks to http://www.freephoto1.com/photo/photo-money-5.jpg

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