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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let Department Heads Deal with Simple Problem

I agree with CUEPACS that there is no need for the government to publish names of workers who have gone AWOL as it is really a waste of taxpayers’ monies.

I would imagine that in some dusty and long unused file in the HR Department of government offices that there is a manual for dealing with habitual latecomers and those who disappear from work.

I am sure the guide-lines could have the following situations and remedies:

• Late for work thrice in a month (less than 15 minutes) - meet supervisor

• Late more than thrice a month - one demerit point

• Absent from work – two demerit points

• More than five demerit points in a year - no salary increase, liable for transfer, union informed to advise employee, warning letter issued.

• More than ten demerit points - dismissal

Many government departments have spent good money to obtain their ISO certification that signifies they have a good system of documentation and quality control.

One very ingrained practice in government departments that can be remedied with proper discipline is the “clock-in and go for breakfast” syndrome.

Just visit the stalls near any government department around 8:15am and you will never fail to find officers of all ranks having their cuppa and other food.

This is such a simple problem to remedy if the HoD issues a warning that no officer is allowed to leave his place of work until the official tea break that should be clearly stipulated. No one is saying one cannot eat or drink at the work station unless it is an area where food is prohibited.

So we should talk to the HoD. Let’s arrange to meet him or her tomorrow at 8:10am.
Now we are at the HoD’s office and it is 8:15am. What’s that?

He’s gone for breakfast?

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