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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting Boys to Do the Jobs of Men

Perhaps this is one scenario that is holding up our nation’s progress, from selecting our top leaders to even simple tasks like rubbish collection and repairing roads.

I guess that the contractor who did this bum job is probably one who has some experience doing minor road repairs and decided his skills were adequate to do a resurfacing job for the airport.

Perhaps no one mentioned that the forces generated when a Jumbo jet takes off and land is many times more than when a container lorry brakes or accelerates. Besides no local authority bothers when defects are found in a resurfacing contract.

Doing a runway must have been a profitable venture as the airport must have budgeted more than for a similar road near your house.

The story didn’t mention how much rectification works was done but I suspect the entire runway would need repairs soon as we are not told if the contractor used the proper equipment under strict supervision.

Maybe all that also comes under the Official Secrets Act?

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