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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Malaysia’s Bloopers?

I just wonder how a newspaper like the NST can describe the failure of the civil service to execute the plans of the Prime Minister as “being held up by bloopers” which is a term used in newspapers and TV when a mistake is made.

We are already in the fourth year of his stewardship and the failure of plans are definitely not “bloopers” that are rectified post haste so that the program or article will function according to plan.

So can we also call the latest NS bus fiasco a “blooper”? Is the near fraud on or by the EPF with the dubious company another “blooper”?

If you are in charge of a country and have made plans that “are excellent and practical” you do not wait three years to organise a group of academicians to lay the blame on policy makers and the executers who may have not bought into those plans.

A captain of a ship cannot just set out the course and not check if the crew is following the plan until the ship hits an iceberg.

No doubt people find it difficult to change but a proper plan will incorporate steps to reduce opposition to change.

Just like the latest move by the Education Minister to “revolutionise” the education system, have the relevant parties like teachers, parents and MOE officers been part of the consultation process?

Any plan that does not address all the relevant issues is going to fail.

Civil servants who resist government policies should be asked to resign. In fact if they sabotage policies and plans they should be sacked.

This conference has been ill-conceived as it shows that the leadership really does not know the meaning of “leadership, authority, responsibility and accountability.”

Perhaps Malaysians committed the biggest blooper when they gave the BN victory in the last elections.

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