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Monday, January 08, 2007

Flood Relief Plans-Only 6% Think Plans Have Been Good

I am posting this from Singapore as somehow the Internet here seems to work much faster than the one in JB.

MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 20 asked the question, "What is Your Feeling about the Response to the Latest Floods?"

Here are the following results:
There were 50 replies, possibly on account of Christmas hangover, the floods in Johor or the slow Internet speeds.

94% or 47 voters felt the government did not do a good job as follows:

18 voters or 36% chose "Ordinary citizens have been let down badly and some have been killed through negligence"
17 voters or 34% picked "What Plans? The Authorities have been caught with their pants down as usual"
11 voters or 22% chose "The Minister or person in charge of National Disasters should be sacked"
1 voter or 2% chose "The Plans could have been better implemented"

The 3 voters or 6% who think the plans were good chose "The Government has been well prepared"

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