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Thursday, January 18, 2007

We MUST Protect Vital Installations....

It is disheartening to read that Kota Tinggi will take a long time to remove flood waters from the town centre as four huge pumps have been damaged by the floods and they have become useless.

Just consider the difference between:

one pump on loan with capacity of 10 cubic meters per second and the
four pumps with 1000 cubic meters per second.

The net effect is that this makeshift pump will be pumping continuously without making any progress to reduce the water level.

The difference in capacity is 3900 cubic meters per second.

It is timely to take measures to safeguard such an important by installing it in a watertight building or making sure that the electrical system and supply is able to operate under water. I think it is feasible to produce such a design though the cost may be higher.

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