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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Muddled Thinking at the JPJ

The recent move by the JPJ to reduce road tax may seem thoughtful of the government given that they have already charged you an arm and a leg with higher fuel prices and never-ending tolls.

However if you study the mechanism by which motorists have to claim a refund you cannot help but think , "There should be a more efficient way to operate a refund scheme."

Maybe the JPJ is really overstaffed and the authorities need to record on the timesheet all the unnecessary work that this refund will create.

If we estimate that 80% of all cars are below 1200cc and these motorists will only receive a refund of RM10 to RM25 it looks that this exercise will only create big jams at JPJ offices.

I would suggest that the JPJ provide the option that a refund is optional for cars below 1200cc and the extra paid will be credited in next year's road tax automatically for all those who do not apply for the refund.

It is patently stupid to drive 10km to the JPJ office, pay RM3 tolls and queue up for 2 hours to claim RM10.

I wonder if JPJ stands for Just Playing Jokes

Graphics: thanks to New Straits Times

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