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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lease or Buy, It’s Always Only Our Money

We don’t expect the Prime Minister to travel by budget airlines but we do have many international airlines that can provide first-class service to all the corners of the world as KLIA is serviced by many airlines.

So why do we need another expensive and high maintenance item like another luxury airplane?

The article reads, “The Government is leasing an Airbus from Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd (PMB) for VIP use, as it is cheaper than buying one.”

I think it is cheaper if we do not lease or buy any!
It matters little whether we purchase outright or lease as PMB is an arm of Khazanah Malaysia and the monies belong to all Malaysians and not a kitty that should be used for ostentatious spending like another executive jet.

Suppose you draw a salary of RM3000 a month and you lease a car for RM1000 – is that not spending foolishly even though you have not purchased the car? The monthly expenses are still too high.

Just when the authorities were planning to make drastic increases in the price of fuel, water and tolls for ordinary folks last year, they were also thinking how they would enjoy the simple pleasures of flying in their own executive jet.

I understand even the British PM has to share the UK’s executive jet with the Queen and they pay for fuel costs when the plane is used.

Maybe it would be a good comparison to see how many countries provide exclusive private jets for their leaders and what planes are used. If you read up the specs of the Airbus A319 it is a huge plane and can be used to carry about 120 passengers.

It seems this purchase was made based on the frequent travels of the PM who is advised to concentrate more on domestic issues that appear to be unattended and uncompleted like the IPCMC?

It reminds me of Marie Antoinette before she was beheaded during the French revolution when the peasants were starving and she was quoted as saying,"let them eat cake!"

photo: thanks to http://wforum.zixia.net/elite.php?file=%2Fgroups%2FFactions%2FBUAA%2FM.1113053286.w0&ap=89211


Meng said...

I think the PM is caught in the trap of grandeur and enjoying the perks rather than getting the job done. This recent purchase (call it what you want ) is money that would otherwise be used for something which could benefit the rakyat more. It does not sit well right after the government talks about cutting subsidy for fuel and increasing toll rates.

The police and other civil servants live below the poverty line as it was revealed and the new IGP had even put in a request for pay increase.

Pak Lah needs to answer to the Almighty as he has robbed the poor to feed the elite few.

yellowkingdom said...

I fully agree with you that "it is cheaper not to lease or buy one!"

I really want to see how Pak Lah will extricate himself out of this fiasco. The government has lost touch with the needs of the rakyat.

Nothing will justify the spending of much needed ringgits on such blatant extravagance!