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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Almost a Repeat of Highland Towers

It is simply not safe to live near hill slopes in Malaysia.

The Highland Towers tragedy some years ago was caused by water that had been allowed to seep and undercut the foundations of the building; thereby causing the building to topple. Unfortunately the courts ruled that the municipality was not liable even though they were negligent.

So history almost repeats itself.
According to this article the resident was quoted as saying “The residents reported the leakage to the authorities since a year ago but no action was taken,”

There should be an inquiry as to what action if any was taken after the report was made.

Building so close to a hill is also an invitation to problems. Ten meters is a very short distance to avoid damage when a landslide occurs. Is there not a code of practice to adjust clearance space to height of hill?

I mean if the hill is 100 meters tall and even if you have a 45 degree slope that 10 meter gap will not help much in a landslide.

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