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Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Lame Excuses...

Just imagine that.

One hundred thousand people affected by a water supply failure and the weak excuse given was that "eight pumps at a water treatment plant in Pelubang, near here, broke down on Saturday."

I guess Malaysians are really forgiving and we accept such poor service with a shrug of "What to do, lah?"

Such a basic failure can only occur if we have incompetents in charge of vital utilities like water supply.

How can we have eight pumps are failing at the same time?
Given our poor attitude to maintenance and with weak supervision I would hazard the following:

*possibly 3 out of the 8 pumps were already out of service as awaiting spares, etc
*the suction pipes to the pumps were so clogged with debris the pumps were starved and therefore burned out the motors
*the supply tank water level was too low and the pumps were run anyway

I don't see how we can boast having first world infrastructure when we cannot operate a simple water treatment plant properly.

I suggest it is not the pumps that need fixing. The operators need to be fixed first.

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