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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Agree with the Education Minister

Students should definitely not be encouraged to attempt so many subjects at SPM level as we do not want youths who are only good at cramming for exams.

I agree with the Education Minister that families who pressure their children to create records should be prepared for disappointment when their children cannot cope or even worse succumb to the stress of exams.

I know of a tragic case where a Malaysian who was admitted to a Singapore university had to drop out as she could not cope with the system. She returned home and finally took her life.

It is also strange that the Education Ministry does not want to name the top SPM student this year as "it would be unfair to name one student as the best since all 105 had their strengths and weaknesses".

Last year there was no problem naming the student but this year there is a change of mindset? Unless this is a new policy not to officially name the best student this remark appears to have a racial bearing as the top student is a Chinese whereas last year the champion was a Malay.

It is like not wanting to name the top doubles badminton players of Malaysia solely because the champs are Chinese.

Here is one suggestion for the Ministry to curb the practice of students taking too many papers:

First 8 papers charge exam fees as present rate
next 6 papers charge exam fees double rates
next 6 papers triple rates

If special arrangements have to be made to adjust exam times a fee of RM100 per suject will be charged.

It also appears that some parents should plan for their children to take GCE "O" levels and then "A" levels so their children can fast-track to twinning colleges in Malaysia.

But I am not an expert on education so please check the importance of passing Bahasa Malaysia at SPM level if you want to consider this option.

Just imagine the time you will save on those trips to private lessons on the extra subjects.

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