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Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Feel PM Not to Be Blamed for KLSE Collapse

That is the result of MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 24 that asked the question,

"Stock Market Woes. Is it fair to blame the PM for the market’s recent tumble?"

Here is the breakdown:

A total of 30 votes were cast as follows:

16 or 54% selected NO under the folowing choices -

11 picked "No but the PM must refrain from making remarks like predicting the next high levels."
5 picked "No. People should do some proper research before investing in good companies."

8 or 26% selected YES with the following choices -

7 picked "Yes it was the most horrible time to make such a remark just as the market was about to burst."
1 picked "Yes as the PM was encouraging people to put their money in."

6 or 20% chose "Perhaps as the PM’s remarks carries a lot of influence among the less informed"

So newbies to the KLSE are warned to do proper research before putting your money in the KLSE.
Never listen to rumours unless you know the following:

"How many other persons have heard this rumour?"

"What are their positions in the market?"

I used to tell friends who used to give me tips:
"Even if the Finance Minister were to give me a tip directly, I would want to know his position in the market before that tip is useful to me".

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