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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Cold Retreat from Beijing

I returned from Beijing yesterday just as a cold front was descending on Beijing and the flight had to be slightly delayed as they de-iced the plane.

There was a rush to the airport from Tianjin as we were warned they could close the highway if the visibility became poor. We arrived at the airport three hours before departure and I remarked to my wife that it was the earliest we have ever arrived at an airport.

China is truly a huge country and the capital is truly magnificent. Everything is of a gigantic scale; from the old Forbidden City to the soaring skyscrappers.

Public transport is cheap and easily accessible though crowded even during off-peak periods.

One can easily travel to a wide area of the city for a single fare one-way price of about RM1.30 or 3Yuan. Local food is also cheap but very oily and salty.

We visited the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and the Forbidden City.
I will write more about the trip during the next few days but don't expect too much as this is not really a travel blog!

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