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Friday, March 09, 2007

Wrong Behaviour All Round

It should have been a simple incident that happens all the time all over Malaysia.

Many motorists, including me, try to avoid paying parking charges when parking for a few minutes.

Most parking wardens are quite patient and will give a few minutes grace before printing out the summons as I believe most tend to be a little forgiving as they understand that many people are suffering from high petrol costs and toll charges.

In fact I just witnessed a parking attendant advising a motorist where she could park without him having to issue a summons. There were 3 cars double-parked near a bank and one car owner had been issued a summons as no one was in the car.

This case is a reflection of how Malaysian society shows its ugly face.

I would guess the following:

The car owner must have shouted rather rudely at the attendant for him to issue the ticket and perhaps this has been going on many times.

The car owner should not have become involved in the scuffle as the guy was only doing his job.

What happened later is truly scandalous as the tailor who was the brother of the car owner gets abducted by the enforcement officers to the police station and he is forced to post RM1000 bail to be released.

It seems that some action should be taken regarding the following incidents:

*the scuffle between the parking attendant and the car owner.
*the abduction of the witness to the police station
*the police officers for demanding bail for the witness to be released.

What should have been a simple matter now becomes an issue of criminal force and abuse of power.
This is what happens when we have bad governance.

Photo: Thanks to http://users.mtrx.net/funnypics/content/-rdm1-ABCD1234-rdm1-/2005/2005-08-23-0002/ZAFP238.JPG

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