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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Trying to Attract Investors for Iskandar Development or Simply Making Profits?

There is an advert in today’s Star about a conference to be organised by the authorities and the Institute of Surveyors Malaysia(info under e-Broadcast section), seemingly to attract investors for the Iskandar Development Project that is a prominent feature of the 9MP.

However the pricing for the 2-day conference where the main speakers are mainly related to government agencies appears to be too expensive if the main purpose is to attract investors for this most important development program that will take place over many years.

It appears that the organisers are mainly interested in making profits from this seminar even before potential investors can be attracted to the region.

There is another conference being organised in a five-star hotel during April in Johor Bahru and the price for that conference is only RM468 which includes all meals for two full days. I am also sure the organisers will not lose money for that event.

Having to pay RM800 for a conference where most of the speakers are from government agencies seems to be more a money-making exercise. If the authorities are really serious about attracting investors, the government should underwrite the conference and then extend free invitations to at least 100 important persons and even arrange travel packages for them at special rates.

A more reasonable fee for the conference would be about RM500 per person and limited to two persons per company unless vacancies are still available two weeks before the event.

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