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Saturday, March 31, 2007

When InCompetents are in Charge

We recently witnessed a hill-slope in PutraJaya fail and now we have a cute story that the land-slide occurred as "a rise in ground water level" created a surge in water pressure.

I am sure most Malaysians must be baffled by this new scientific phenomenon. If the ground water level can rise so dramatically one should expect that the area around the flats would have become soggy and perhaps under a few inches of water.

We should report this happening to world scientific journals so that it will make a useful contribution to science.

However the skeptics among us will probably think:

Our Works Minister announced on national TV that a leaking pipe/water tank had been reported to the local authority about a year ago.

The rain had been quite heavy the days before the landslide occurred and probably

No one had maintained the drains that were built years ago and local ponding areas had developed on that slope.

Of course the slope needs to be stabilised. Just don't cook up a cock and bull story. The manager in charge of that slope maintenance also needs to be fired or the next time someone could get killed on account of negligence.

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