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Sunday, April 01, 2007

97% of Voters Think Vision 2057 is Flawed....

32 readers responded to the question on Vision 2057.

The question for MalaysiaWatch Poll 25 was
"What Do You Think of Vision 2057 recently reported in the news?"

16 readers or 50% picked "Pure Balderdash! We must be mad to let them continue for another 50 years".

6 or 19% chose "Seems like a smokescreen to advise that Vision2020 cannot be achieved"

6 or 19% chose "Think you can fool all the people all the time?"

2 or 6% picked "Our rankings in corruption etc show that government policies have really failed to improve Malaysia’s performance in the global economy."

1 or 3% chose "The PM is trying to make people “feel better” before calling for elections."

The only support for the policy came from
1 or 3% who chose "It is good to have such a far-sighted policy"

You could help to make the polls more accurate if you tell us your choice.

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