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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.....

So I will not write a thousand words but ask you to look closely at the photo in this article.

Now what is wrong in the photo? No prizes for guessing the right answer and I won't spoil your fun. Let's see what observations you would like to share in the Comments section.

In this related artice, it is mentioned “Security guards heard a loud noise at about 7pm yesterday (on Tuesday) but a check by the maintenance staff found nothing wrong."

“Then, the control room system detected a power trip at 2am on the 7th floor. The water seepage, however, was only detected about 8.30am.

The following was also reported:
“The joint between the pipes was not good. This is an embarrassment to the Government. This was a problem waiting to happen."

Abdul Rahim added that the two-year warranty period for the building by the developer Putrajaya Holdings would end on May 2.

“I have seen similar shoddy workmanship at several other buildings in Putrajaya,” he said.

If so can we please advise all staff in Putrajaya to be wary of falling objects as we cannot be sure what else will go wrong. If you are working here, go and invest in a hard hat as that may save your life.

How could we have accepted a building with obvious defects and just wait for the problem to happen?

The Works Ministry should do a complete survey of all buildings in Putrajaya so that defects can be recorded before the warranty periods end.

As for those maintenance staff who did the initial checking, they should be sacked for not finding the burst pipe. It was not a leak but a burst pipe.
Just imagine if we operate a nuclear power station with these irresponsible clowns.

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