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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Police + Public = Crime-Busting

When members of the public give tips to the police, they can really respond very well as in this case of the two girls who were abducted.

The person who called the police should be commended and I think the security guards at the UKM should be investigated to see if they had complied with procedures on the entry and exit of vehicles.

If a bus routine is only within the campus for six hours, the bus should be boarded by a security guard when it enters and leaves the campus.

Looking at the photo it is quite a big bus with the marking Bas Pekerja - surely not the type of bus authorised to transfer students?

Finally a word of profound thanks to the cops who went beyond their duty by jumping into an effluent pond to get their man. Maybe the police can add more bitepower by making use of trained dogs to pursuit criminals?

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