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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Will You Light a Candle for Malaysia?

As we approach the nation's 50th year of independence, many Malaysians feel that as a nation we have become more intolerant and less free.

Even a simple event like a by election in an relatively unknown place like IJOK can demonstrate how the forces of deceit and desperation can use thuggery and bullies to intimidate election workers and even the police show that they cannot be fair to all the parties but simply side the BN candidate.

This is a peaceful demonstration to show that you really love Malaysia and to tell the authorities that you are really fed up with some of the following issues:

*The total lack of progress in bringing to justice important people who have been accused of corruption
*The continued feet dragging to implement the IPCMC after two years
*The loud silence on the toll agreements after the declaration that the agreements would be made public
*The lack of concern for the suffering of non-Muslims who have been marginalised by spouses who convert to other religions without a civil divorce
*The failure of judges of the civil courts who cannot decide on civil matters as they fear a religious back-lash.

Even a proper approach by Cabinet ministers on religious issues had to be withdrawn and so non-Muslims have no voice as far as the Muslim leadership of this country is concerned.

This is a simple demonstration to show that you really love Malaysia and want the national leaders to urgently address some of the issues that are slowly tearing the fabric of this nation.
All you need to do is to light a small candle outside your house from 8:00pm to 8:30pm on the first Sunday of every month beginning from 6th May 2007. Recycled candles can also be used. Please ensure no combustible materials are nearby and there is no possibility of burning the property of others. If you live in an area of wooden houses, please do not light a candle unless you are prepared to watch the fire all the time. If you cannot light up your candle for 30 minutes, do so for even a few minutes during the designated period just to show your support for a brighter Malaysia.

If your neighbour asks, you can tell him about this campaign to light up Malaysia.
There is no point simply cursing and swearing about how things are. Do something about it. Instead of cursing the darkness, light up a candle.

If you support this idea you can spread the message of peace in your blogs or via SMS but please remember to always keep yourself safe and Malaysia peaceful.

graphics: Thanks to http://www.animationlibrary.com/animation_download/25473/
I wanted to add the tune Amazing Grace to the candles but sadly the song2u site seems to be out.

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