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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something Good to Write About

Today I will not write about all the bribery that is going on to win the votes in IJOK or unreported case of incest or body snatching in Malaysia.

This is an everyday matter that I suspect happens quite often anywhere in Malaysia.
I am the "Marketing Manager" in the family which means I get to buy all the foodstuff from the wet market and the routine is to go once or twice a week.

About 2 weeks ago I discovered I had some strange items in the fridge a few hours after I had returned home and so I asked the maid about them.

It seems I had an extra chicken, noodles and coconut milk andso I realised that I had accidently taken someone else's stuff.
What to do lah? It was quite late and I was not free to get back to the market.

On the next expedition to the market I asked the Malay stall owner selling dry sundries if any of her customers had lost their items.
"Yes" was the reply and it seems someone had rung her a few times to see if the goods had been returned.so I gave her RM15 to cover the costs plus some hardship compensation. So the stall owner took the money and told me she would return any surplus.

On my next visit I was told the person had still not visited the stall since the items went missing.
But last week the Malay lady told me the person had collected RM12 and returned me RM3 even though I told her to just give the other person all the money.

I asked the stall owner who the third party was and she said it was a Malay.
I wonder if this incident shows that among common folks there is still a measure of honesty and integrity among many Malaysians.


PeterP said...

Thankfully, incidents like this frequently occur in this fair land of ours.

Once while in the market I heard someone calling "Encik, encik". Thinking it was me, I turned around and a lady was walking rapidly up to me with a RM50.00 note in her outstretched hand saying "Jatuh dari tangan encik tadi".

H J Angus said...

Thanks for sharing peterp.
It is only a small minority who are creating so many problems.