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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Apostacy and Human Rights

I watched the film on the alJareeza program Everywoman.

The most striking event was the security guard threatening to call the police. It looks as if they do not like the publicity. It was not an official film to explain to the world on the merits of Islam Hadhari.

It is most unfortunate that Islam appears to be a religion that can force humans into detention for such long periods like 100 days plus another 80 days as I remember one of the basic tenets of the religion is:

"There is no compulsion in Islam"

So how do you explain that someone like this unfortunate woman is being detained against her will and deprived of her freedom; supposedly to reform and redeem herself?

According to the SIS spokewoman, even Muslims would be shocked by this recent incident of body-snatching.
The movie lasted only about 10 minutes; hardly any time for crucial issues to be debated for the benefit of Malaysians.

My only issue is I wonder if taxes I have paid have ended up in providing such detention centres? If so I protest that taxes collected from non-Muslims should not be used to fund Islamic rehab centres and the Muslims should collect their own funds if they insist on such programmes that really do little to enhance the beauty of the religion.

I recently watched a movie on the Spanish Inquisition about the time of the famous Spanish painter Goya and the film was entitled "Goya's Ghosts".
I don't think the Catholic Church would approve of this movie as it depicted torture, corrupt priests and how humans if tortured will confess to anything.

It appears that the strappado is still used in some places. But with new techniques like continuous abuse, sleep deprivation and others one does not need such old methods to reprogramme human beings.

The question is, "What do we do about such violations of human rights?"
Why has SUHAKOM been merely a bystander in the proceedings?

Picture: image of strappado thanks to http://inquisition.pp.ru/gallery/torture-01.jpg

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hola soy nuevo en esta pagina todo lo que able de la inquisicion me fasina. ma esa imagen que es iguan a la escena de la pelicula los fantasmas de goya