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Monday, April 23, 2007

Learning More About Apostacy Cases

I think there were thousands of SMS criss-crossing Malaysia last night as I received three about a program on apostacy cases in Malaysia.

The SMS read:

"Don mis astro 9:30 2nite on aljazera news.it will make u ? wat d msain govt is doing abt apostacy cases, specifically involving conversion out of islam n its impact on non-muslims here.never b4 seen footage of apostate in detention, taken by Ong Julin, filmaker re:broga incinerator.PLS 4WARD"

That made for an interesting preview and my brother wanted to come over to watch.So I decided that the Chelsea-Newscastle soccer match was too boring anyway. I thought it was quite strange that the authorities would want anyone to know what goes on behind those detention doors.

Come 9:30 and alJazeera was showing a documentary on Iraq. My brother made a phone call and soon I guess a few thousand more SMS were again being sent all over Malaysia.

So I have a new SMS that reads:

"Sorry correction - al Jareera prog(Everywoman) on apostacy. Its at 12:30am today mon 1130am, 5pm. tue 1:30pm, wed 1030am,3:30pm; thurs 2:30pm, fri 3pm."

I encourage all Malaysians to check it out to study how much we have progressed as a nation that promises freedom of religion to all citizens.

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