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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Die Another Day in Putrajaya

Looks as if all the buildings in Putrajaya are unsafe with this second failure within a month.

That's what happens when the Works Minister spends all his time trying to campaign for a state by election instead of ensuring that public safety is safeguarded.
Instead he told the PWD Works Director of Putrajaya to "shut up" after the last incident.

If you remember, the director mentioned that such incidents are "just accidents waiting to happen" in many of the new buildings. How prophetic or is the public being kept in the dark about the unsafe conditions in many buildings?

"What's the big deal?" some will say. "After all no one got hurt." I suppose someone needs to get killed in one of these incidents before the authorities in Putrajaya wake up.

Maybe such an incident in the new royal palace of Putrajaya is necessary before we get some urgent action.

Photo: Thanks to New Straits Times
PS. I added the "Die" in the heading to emphasise the danger our civil servants are being exposed to daily.


Songie said...

Thanks for the pics. It goes to show how BAD the situation is. PM wants "maintainence" out of this?I suppose he should change the term to "reconstruction".

H J Angus said...

Hi songie
Thanks for the comments.

Putrajaya is one huge disaster zone that is a sure indicator of corruption in the award of projects.