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Thursday, April 05, 2007

No Monkeying About in the Cabinet?

Much has been written about the super-large Malaysian Cabinet which qualifies for a world record of sorts.

However in a Cabinet it is not the quantity of ministers that matters but the quality and so we have come to expect not very much from a mediocre bunch of ministers, most of whom are just there to make up the numbers.

I guess it will take a good 10 minutes just to get through all the pleasantries even before any meeting can start.

The other result is that even the most mundane issue needs Cabinet approval.

Maybe the Cabinet really needs to set up some priorities as to what should require its attention most urgently.

Otherwise they appear to be just monkeying around instead of managing pressing issues like solving those 18 VVIP graft cases.

Lack of evidence and missing witnesses seems a rather lame excuse. I expect some of those witnesses could have died in the years it has taken to identify them. Perhaps the police too have not really used much of their energy to locate witnesses.

Why not publish a reward for tracking down witnesses? I am sure the public are also keen to see justice done.

photo: thanks to http://images.esu11.org/mgrove/gorilla.jpg

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