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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When the Circus Comes to IJOK

Gather round folks the circus is in town
Without a doubt we will see many clowns

Promising you the sun and the moon
After many years their visits are none too soon
But what is the catch you may want to know
It’s only your votes they aim to secure

VIPs will come and go
You all know it’s just a show
The roads will gleam with a coat of black
To cover after many years the cracks of neglect

A school here and a hall there
You finally get what you truly deserved
The purse strings now opened to show they serve
Just vested interests your taxes to disperse

When the clowns go all around
Using government assets is the norm
With integrity long gone the clowns will frown
Wondering by their acts a victory you will crown

The ringmaster is an utter disgrace
Dishonest crooks he has no guts to face
With taxpayers funds they proceed to plunder
The fragile fabric of democracy to rape and render

With hollow victory now a forgone conclusion
We must live with the grave illusion
That clowns will continue to lead us astray
Our fair Malaysia marked for future dismay

The dust has settled and the town is clear
The circus has gone and the crowds no longer cheer
Another year the clowns will come again like lepers
Hoping that time has erased their broken pledges

But wait; the day will come when people will finally awake
Before too late the reform cause to celebrate
Of just Malaysians upholding a free and just nation
Leading our fair nation to greater expectations

(dedicated to the voters in Machap and Ijok)

photo: Thanks to http://www.cisnyc.org/Images/MayorCircus/CircusCollage.jpg

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