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Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Memory from IJOK - 35 Years Ago

I had a school-mate who was posted as a teacher in Batang Berjuntai and I can remember visiting her in her quarters as it was considered a rural posting.

In those days Batang Berjuntai was really an "ulu" place that no one visited except to take a break on the KL-Ipoh journey.

With the North-South Highway I don't expect motorists would bother to stop over here unless there is a special reason.

So IJOK is now in the national spot-light again and it was fortunate (and some consider unfortunate)that there was no earthquake there on nomination day as at least 5 ministers could have perished.

Looking at the ugly incidents on nomination day and the RM32million vote bribing it appears that the BN is somewhat worried about this seat and the sudden and immediate windfall instead of mere promises for the future shows the means by which the ruling party hopes to cling to this seat.

So voters of IJOK you should vote with your conscience.
In a way you are better provided for than the people in Machap. The goodies have already been delivered. If you believe that PKR may make a good change for Selangor, you should vote PKR.

Let a new party represent you in the State and give them a chance to make Selangor a really advanced state.
If the BN loses this time, they may spend even more money to win back the seat during the next General Elections. After all it is only your monies that you paid with your blood and sweat.
If anything you should be asking these questions of yourself:

1.Why does the BN government only spend this RM32m just before the elections?
2.What did they do to improve IJOK after the last elections?

In a democracy, your choice should be respected. I urge you to make a good decision for the future of Selangor and Malaysia.

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