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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Corruption of Dogs

Man's best friend has been a major success in the busting of the pirate video industry that runs into millions of ringgit, if not billions.

Some people may think that dogs are not really some men's best friend as they go about their task with singlemindedness and so far nothing seems to stop them from sniffing out contraband.

There was a news feature the other day about dogs being trained to ferret out hidden mobile phones in prisons as those posed a security threat and enabled gangsters to conduct their operations from behind bars.

Corrupt officials too may not like the dogs as they disrupt cosy arrangements with syndicates that offer rewards for tip-offs and other assistance.

Apart from placing a reward on the heads of the canine crime-busters, I am sure the syndicates are also thinking of ways to corrupt the dogs. Maybe a diet of chappati and curry will dull their senses?

Who knows? Once we have our own units and with the usual lack of proper discipline even dogs may get corrupted.

photo: Thanks to http://www.all-americank-9.com/images/police.jpg

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