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Monday, April 23, 2007

It May Embarrass a Few........

So all those overseas tours have not been effective in drawing the tourists to Malaysia by the plane-loads.

Maybe they should have invited some of those African nations to come over here to witness the two recent by elections at Machap and Ijok. They could have learned some finesse on how government machinery is used by the ruling party with impunity.

Now the Tourism Ministry wants to collect data on why 15 million Malaysian travel overseas each year.

Do you reckon there will be a consultant appointed to analyse all those cards? I don't expect the Minister will be able to get his staff to do such mundane work.

Besides it may be embarrassing for even a few leaders. I mean how do you enter the card for the following?

Need to carry bags of money to buy property in Australia
Have a headache with all the flood problems - need a break in Perth.

I suggest this is another hare-brained project of the BN government.It would be better to study why Malaysians do not want to travel more within Malaysia.

It could be some basic reasons like:
Toll rates are too high and people are fed up of tolls.
Hotels with basic facilities are also expensive.

What do you think of the latest idea?

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1 comment:

Anak Merdeka said...

Is this an idea to check upon people who don't pay a lot of taxes but yet regularly go overseas on holiday?