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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Case of Dangerous Negligence

This is another case of Malaysian "tiadapathy" in which hundreds could have been killed.

If you look more closely at the photo, the beam is from beneath a railway underpass and if a fully loaded passenger train had been travelling at high speed on the tracks above, the jolt from the tanker could have caused the train to derail.

40,000 litres of petrol could be easily ignited by a spark caused from the tank rupturing.Can you imagine the death and destruction if the train had derailed onto the fuel tanker and the resultant carnage?

The company has clearly been negligent in not ensuring that approved routes are followed or new vehicles were not properly checked for route suitabilty.The clearance of such structures are clearly marked and trying to take short cuts can cause danger to the public.

It seems that we are not only lax about maintenance but also following proper operating procedures.

The papers should follow-up this story to see if the police will bring a case against the company like:

Damage of public property
Endangering the public with a dangerous substance
Negligent driving

Photo: Thanks to New Straits Times

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