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Thursday, May 10, 2007

SMART Tunnel - Not IF But WHEN

I hope this will not come to pass.
But the sorry state of affairs in Putrajaya and other new government buildings shows the sorry state of affairs in government projects.


Bernard said...

Hi H Angus,

You conceptualized and illustrated it beautifully or should I say almost prophetically. I could vividly imagine the state of the SMART tunnel in disrepair.
Keep up the drawings, difficult though it may be!

H J Angus said...

Thanks bernard!

At least one person appreciates the sketches.
It's easier to conceptualise than to draw.

marlin212 said...

The smart tunnel is really a con job to siphon money out of the government coffers. The Discovery channel did not even bother to explain how the floods will be alleviated.