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Friday, May 18, 2007

Thanks for Your Prayers!

My grand-daughter's operation went well and she will be in the ICU for a few days.
Hopefully she will get well soon and make a complete recovery.

The op cost is going to be about S$6000 and this is the subsidised rate if one follows the correct referral procedure - otherwise it is S$12000, all payable via CPF Medisave account.

As an aside there was a very heavy downpour in Singapore yesterday and the glass roof inside the hospital sprung a leak. But only the cleaner was busy mopping up and she was also on the hand-phone, presumably calling the supervisor to report the defect.

Will keep you updated on that problem over the next few days.

PS. I cannot view my blog. If you can read it, can you please make a comment so I know the problem is only at this end? Thanks.


James Angus said...

Your articles and pictures are clear

Bernard said...

Praise the Lord! He has answered your prayers. I am happy for your family and your grand-daughter, too.