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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Of Course the Massive Pay Rise has to Do with the Elections

but no one will admit to that.That would be politically incorrect.

The amount being mentioned is quite substantial RM6.8billion increase from next year plus Rm1.2billion increase in COLA costs for a total of RM8billion increase each year.

Now everyone is promising better performance as if a wage increase is going to make a quantum leap in the workers' attitudes so that slackers will stop taking their extended tea breaks and corrupt cops are just going to give up their bad habits.

With the ever increasing costs of civil servants it is time for the government to seriously consider the following:

1.Replace the pension scheme with EPF for all New employees
2.Provide New civil servants with a transferable medical insurance for family
3.Establish a productivity review scheme that publishes staff reductions with greater IT enhancements.

For example in the Passport and JPJ and Income Tax departments, services have improved via the greater use of IT but have staff numbers been streamlined?

While it is good that salaries for the police have been increasedwe are still waiting for the IPCMC to be fully implemented.

I also worry that pay raises have been justified partly based on the performance of the KLSE. Does this mean that if the market collapses, pay can be reduced?

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