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Saturday, May 19, 2007

We Need to Make Better Use of Women Power!

So the Cabinet decided that the two clowns would discuss their tomfoolery with the Minister of Women,Family and Community Development before making a qualified apology at a press conference.

Looking at the overall composition of the Cabinet with only 3 women ministers out of the 32 member line-up it seems that women are under-represented in our Cabinet.

For some years now women have overtaken men in university enrolments and more female graduates are entering the job markets. It is time we also harness more women power to play a more active role in our nation's progress. Especially since many problems of society are caused by the actions of men who divorce their wives and abandon their families.

We need not copy France where the new President announced his new line-up with a Cabinet with about 50% women. For Malaysia perhaps a good start would be at least 30% women in the Cabinet and perhaps the deputy Speaker of the Parliament should be a woman to keep the MCPs in check.

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Bernard said...

I am catching up on my blog-reading after reporting a breakdown of streamyx service to Telekom on 19/5/07. After two days not only my streamyx but also my fixed-line, thus a total shut-out from internet. Upon further reminders, I was told it was a cable fault. But only restored this morning, after 5 days ...Incredible!
A gender-sensitive article,
I fully support your recommendation for a 30% women representation in Parliament.