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Friday, May 04, 2007

Solomon’s Justice or the Destruction of a Family?

So the courts have settled this case whereby a mother has decided that she was mistaken to have married a Hindu man for 21 years and now has to surrender her seven children to her husband as Malaysian laws do not allow her to stay in the marriage.

The solution has been described as “Solomon’s justice” referring to the king in the Bible who was asked to decide which woman was the mother of a baby in dispute.

Since both women claimed the baby, Solomon decreed that the baby be cut in half and each woman given part of the baby.
One woman agreed to this solution but the real mother begged Solomon not to do so and pleaded that the baby should be given to the other woman as she wanted to save her child.

Solomon then knew who the real mother was.

In this Malaysian incident, it seems that only the woman Raimah has some of the wisdom of Solomon.

If we look at this family situation outside of all religious and legal context, it seems the state is destroying a family of 21 years. No doubt the mother is being given visiting rights but a family has been placed in jeopardy and we know that 21 years of marriage is something that many “proper” marriages seldom attain with the high rate of divorce in Malaysia.

With six young children and no mother in attendance, it would be extremely difficult for the man to raise his family properly. Instead of punishing them we should salute this poor rubber tapper family that has somehow managed to survive all the tribulations of a poor background.

I daresay that all is not well in the state of Malaysia. Where is our Solomon?


Trashed said...

If I am not mistaken, this was actually not a court decision but the recording of an out-of court settlement.

Solomon must have appeared before the husband and wife and convinced them that getting the children to continue the life that they had been brought up in was worth the sacrifice of the mother professing her faith.

It is a brave woman who makes that kind of a sacrifice.

From a legal standpoint, I wonder if an action can be brought up to contest that as it was made under duress.

Bernard said...

I share Trashed's sentimeemts and believe that the arrangement was somehow made under duress. IT is indeed very tragic that a 21-year relationship has been torn apart by overzealous religious zealots bent on lording over others. Families broken unnecessarily over issues imposed upon by others.

H J Angus said...

The civil courts decided to do nothing but simply witnessed the agreement made by the woman who must have been under great stress.

It appears that the religious courts are getting the upper hand as the law enforcers carry out their work even if the person is a doubtful case.