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Friday, May 18, 2007

Even the House of Parliament has Become Tainted by Our MPs

Malaysians have long endured the childish antics of our MPs who are prone to making seditious remarks and crude sexist jokes.

Maybe that is the reason the authorities in charge of the RM90 million renovation project did not even bother to waterproof the reinforced concrete roof as "the installation of water proofing equipment was not included in the contract". A sort of spontaneous cooling-off mechanism to calm MPs during their heated debates?

It would be interesting to know more details about the civil engineer who recommended such a design in the first place or is this project another of those "Ali-Baba" construction where the Nth sub-contractor could be an illiterate construction worker who has nailed together some attap huts in Indonesia?

The report also mentions debris clogging the gutter and other rubbish left behind by the contractors. Surely a basic requirement during any handover inspection is the complete removal of all rubbish before the final payment is approved?

I wonder why there is so much emphasis on the replacement of plastic water pipes? The only reason would be if the plastic pipes were not up to the specific pressure rating or if PVC pipes were used instead of UPvc that is able to withstand exposure to sunlight without becoming brittle.

This Parliament House renovation is typical of most things Malaysian - going for nice facades with a rotten foundation.

Even someone who seems to know absolutely nothing about buildings
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said incidences of leakages could not be predicted, adding that even new buildings had defects.

Of course the system maintains that no one is ultimately responsible for such basic failures. Malaysia truly boleh!

Photo: Thanks to New Straits Times

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