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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dr M says Malays Can Convert to Other Religions if.....

So Malays Can Actually Convert to Other Religions.

It is good that the former Prime Minister has stated in an interview that Malays are actually free to convert if they are willing to lose their “Malay privileges”.

“If he renounces Islam, then he is not a Malay. That’s all,” he said.

That is a rational view.
The sad thing is that these comments were not made when the Constitution was amended to increase the powers of the Syariah Courts and properly debated in the Parliament so that MPs would have had the chance to explain the laws to the electorate.

I hope his influence as the former PM can help improve the lives of those held in rehab camps. Such camps should be only for those who have decided to take a spiritual retreat voluntarily and willing to pay for their own upkeep like say RM20 per day for board and lodging?

It seems that if a person makes a statutory declaration that he or she renounces Islam, that person should not be subject to the compulsory detention camps that can last for months.

There will only be a small minority who will choose to opt out of their religion and so perhaps for them, the race detail in the IC can read as “Malaysian”.

Men of all faiths are sinners and some of us really have to struggle against human weakness of the flesh like gluttony, corruption and power.

Giving the state extra powers to confine people based on religious beliefs is surely to be condemned and gives any religion a bad name.

However any Malay who wants his religious freedom should be advised that it will be a one-way privilege. Even if he becomes a Muslim again, the special privileges will not be granted.

Here is an excellent article on religion in our Constitution from today's Star by Professor SHAD SALEEM FARUQI


Trashed said...

It takes some one of the stature of Tun M to say that. Any one else would be villified and deemed un-Malay or worse.

If people are willing to give up certain privileges then why not ?

Anak Merdeka said...

I thought a Malay is a race defined by his genetic makeup.

Perhaps our constitution should be amended to "Malay Muslim rights and privileges" to follow Tun's logic in resolving the problem of apostasy.

Somehow, I feel that to take the carrot away as punishment for leaving the religion is rather insulting.

H J Angus said...

anak merdeka
good suggestion of yours

It is a complex issue and I guess the Malays should be the ones to resolve it.

Perhaps if they just did away with all the special rights thingy and just treat all Malaysians equally we will not have this problem?

Of course we must have programs to help the disadvantaged and poor without regard to race.
That will make Malaysia great.