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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Now 8% Feel that Islam is a Fair Religion to ALL

I wrote this on 20th April 2007 and today with 200 voters, the results have barely changed:

"That is the result of MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 26 that posed the question:

"What Do You Think of the Latest Case of Subashini the woman whose husband converted to Islam and who now wants to convert all their children?"

There were 100 readers who took part. Thanks for participating.

This is the breakdown of choices:

56% (now 57%)chose "It is a black mark on the Judiciary when Muslim judges cannot differentiate their proper role and duties they should perform in a secular state."

14% (now 13%)chose "This could lead to many broken homes if non-Muslim men are allowed to convert to Islam and are then given custody to children who are not allowed freedom of religion but a forced conversion".

13% (now 13%) chose "I don’t expect a non-Muslim woman will get a fair deal in the Syariah courts. Even Muslim women can get treated unfairly".

10% (still 10%)chose "The man should have settled the divorce proceedings in the civil courts before being allowed to convert."

7% (now 8%)chose "Islam is a fair religion to all"

No one chose "I think it is OK for her to make an appeal to the Syariah Appeals Court"

Let us all strive hard to keep Malaysia as a secular state. If some judges cannot use different thinking caps, we should retire them earlier."

Note: There is a 1% rounding error.


A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

Its not quite a fair poll.

The issue in question is not abt whether Islam is fair or not but abt the legality and the managemenmnt of the Subashini case.

Stating any position on the Subashini case will deprive those the option to comment Islam is a fair religion to all.

As a Mathematics trained, I'll give you a zero for your statistics. Highly bias poll. This comment has the clear and outright intention to rubbish Islam.

Let me ask you, if there is no subashini case, will say Islam is a fair religion?

Lets be real, when it comes to religion, tendency for bias to ones ow religion is always there.

H J Angus said...

Thanks for your comments
This is a forced choice question as the poll does not allow for ranking which would allow multiple choices.

If it were a highly biased poll, I would have omitted the choice of "Islam being a fair religion" and would not have put it as a first choice.

Maybe you can do a "mathematics trained" poll on your blog?