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Sunday, October 29, 2006

98% Voters Feel the NEP has Failed

Results of MALAYSIAWATCH POLL15 on the question:

“What is the Main Cause of the Failure of NEP after 35 years?”

A total of 93 readers took part in the poll with the following answers

The majority of 62 voters or 67% picked “Top Leaders Abused the Policies”

The second group of 20 voters or 22% chose “Too Many Leakages and Loopholes in System”

The next group of 4 voters or 4% picked “Mana Ada System?”

The next group of 3 voters or 3% picked “There is a Lack of Check and Balance”

A small number of 2 voters or 2% picked “Failure of MPs and the Justice System”

No one picked “Some Citizens Don’t Know How to Use the System”

On the other side, 2 voters or 2% selected “I Love the NEP – Give Me More!”

So do you think we should continue with such a flawed policy?


Premier said...

Do you realise your poll has a flaw in it, too.

Does 96 people represent the thoughts of 27 Million?

Can a person vote more than once in the poll taken by you?

Was it really 96 people?

totoro said...

Setting a reasonable timeline and sticking to it will solve most of the problems. Otherwise noone benefits from achieving its (well-meaning) goals and it will be left to go on this way forever.

H J Angus said...

thanks for the feedback.

No one claims 96 voters represents 27 million.

One way a person can vote more than once is to use a different computer/address.

But the poll is set such that one computer/IP address can vote only once.

You can try it out by voting twice.