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Monday, October 23, 2006

Better Enforcement Needed Not Constant "Upgrading"

According to this report,

"The government needs to spend RM1 billion to repair road accident "black spots", but the government can't afford to do the job straight away.

The Star newspaper quoted Works Minister Samy Vellu as saying that the government has so far spent RM130 million repairing 230 high-risk stretches of state roads."

We cannot keep on changing the road design to make it safer whenever there is a fatal accident unless the design was not up to standard in the first place.

No matter how good the design, a bad motorist will get involved in an accident.

What we need is better warnings and stricter enforcement.
For example in New Zealand at sharp bends, there is a warning sign stating the maximum speed to negotiate the bend. If you exceed that speed you will find it difficult to control your vehicle in that bend unless you are a race car driver.

PS. I'm now in Manila and I feel the drivers here are better than Malaysian drivers.

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