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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why Has the NEP Failed Even After 35 Years?

That is your question for MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 15 since so much has been stirred up in the past few weeks.

It is an important question to ponder as it seems the ruling party wants all the policies to continue until 2020 when we will transform dramatically like the ugly pupa into a beautiful butterfly.

Someone mentioned once that insanity is the condition where you expect different results by repeating the same mistakes.

35 years is a long sentence for many. I just wonder why some people can consider discussing the NEP as a sensitive subject. Who will be the person most aggrieved - the person who suffered the brunt of marginalisation or the person who removed all the cream?

This will be a good subject to engage all the top scholars and industrialists of the nation. Who knows? Some good research papers on the NEP may help improve our universities' rankings.

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