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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Surely This is Not a Bribe?

This case shows that the police are getting their battered house in order but I believe more can be achieved with the long delayed IPCMC.

The police recovered 3.6kg of heroin in the house plus cash amounting to RM700,000. I believe the amount of heroin would have made it a drug trafficking offence with a mandatory death sentence unless the police were bribed to report a smaller amount.

If the money was seized as part of the drug raid it becomes government evidence and stealing it is not a bribe but destroying/stealing evidence or obstructing justice which I believe is a more serious offence.

If the crooked cops could steal money it is possible they will also steal contraband and even push the material. When cops lack integrity, they are capable of anything as we have given them so much power.

But well done to the honest cops who reported in this case.
If an officer is corrupted it is difficult for new recruits not to become tainted over time.

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