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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Let’s Not Compare the IGP with the PM

I know some people are comparing the new IGP’s actions with those of the PM and predicting that soon the “new broom sweeps clean” actions will wane.

I mentioned a 3-month period to see what he does so far he has been doing the right things to my mind.

A 10-minute warning has enough shock value to get police chiefs instill more discipline and a good work ethic among the rank and file.

Once they know the IGP can come anytime officers will be required to follow all their work procedures and standing instructions and there should be little room for any “hanky panky.”

A question that arises is “what will the IGP do if he discovers wrong doing by his staff during the inspection?”
To me he should be prepared to relieve any ASP of his post and even subject him or her to charges if that is warranted. That will be the most powerful warning to all subordinates that he is serious in wanting to reform the police and make it a world class force.

With 85000 men and women the IGP alone cannot make all these changes and that is where the IPCMC can play a positive role.
He also needs to get his department chiefs to emulate his actions.

Already the IPCMC has stated that housing for the force is inadequate and many believe that salaries for the police should be increased.

The government has declared that it cannot afford to increase the pay of all the civil servants but perhaps the police are in a special category as they perform a critical role in security and protect our well-being.

This compensation could be in the form of the following for those in the front-line of crime busting ie those in active duties where they are subject to danger. Perhaps twenty to thirty percent of the force will be in this category.

The benefits to be offered can be:
• Improved life insurance
• Daily danger allowance
• Time off for good performance
• Fast track for promotion

Only those recommended by their OCPDs will be selected for this active category and those who do not perform well will be reassigned.

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